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what is important

after all...

it seems that every time i produce a recording for somebody there comes a moment.

and in that moment, out comes a voice. from me, of course. underlining some aspect of what we're in the middle of doing. and putting it all into a kind of weird perspective. never thought out in advance. it just happens.

they're always fun. and i collect them, i suppose as a memento of the project.

i remember i was working on an album for a singer-songwriter. we'd just done a take of their main vocals. it was good. but there were a few little things here and there that could maybe be better when we did the next pass at it. all quite normal.

i mentioned that there was a technical move i'd made while they were singing the take. and how that maybe had contributed to things not being quite as perfect as we were capable of getting down. they responded that no, they were sure it was just their fault. i felt they were maybe not understanding the nature of what i'd suggested, so i underlined my thought about what i'd just said. they said no, it was totally on them.

and without missing a beat, without any idea that this was about to happen, suddenly what fell out of my mouth was this

that "after all..."

(warning: strong language)

some kind of weird regimental sergeant-major. who i'd never met before. i'm sure i would've remembered.

they looked at me. and blinked. i looked at them. and also blinked. believe me, i was every bit as surprised as they were.

tho i guess it made my point. we stopped the non-blame game and got on with what we were doing. and it never happened again.

but yeah. every recording i produce. one of these. always different. always a complete surprise to me.

and always, weirdly helpful.

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