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songs of my people

my family's from a strange little island. with strange little customs.

this, for instance.

there's nothing about this that doesn't amuse me in some way.

haggis, of course, is a scottish delicacy. nasty bits of animal, with added yummy oats for flavour. it's then boiled in a sheep's stomach. and you serve it up to your friends.

people you like.

we'll set aside for another day what gets served to people you don't like.

this particular haggis comes in a skin. and here was me thinking it was a can.

and, perhaps merely to make some kind of point has a 'best before' date.

which seems a bit, i dunno... superfluous?

i mean really.

though of course you know what it turns into after that date. that's right.

more haggis.

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