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out standing

it's been a busy few weeks, helping several projects move things along, some tracking, some mixing, some video editing, some grant writing. some playing of instruments, some producing, some taking of a deep breath while i try and remember what i was about to do.

it's mostly been development work and sketches. but i'll see if i can get permission to share some of it with you over the next little while. i think you might enjoy it.

in the middle of all of that, it's been good to start to put this space together. folks've been asking for a while. nice to be able to finally get there. nicer to be able to turn my hand to it as a positive break from some pretty intense work.

over the next little while there'll be new things here from me.

for now, a few bits and pieces that've been popular in earlier versions of this space.

this is one of those.

a friend who works his farm. and my favourite kind of sky.

it's the image i have immediately when i hear that phrase...

"a man, outstanding in his field."

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