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one more thing

about that night off

it was awesome. the night off. and the eruovision experience was at its finest. awesome singing, brilliant staging, several times where music showed its power to move, and an astounding entry that both looked and felt like the village people on very strange drugs. what's not to love?

and yes, the finale. i will admit i had a bit of trouble keeping it together.

if you understand liverpool, you'll know about the connection to the song "you'll never walk alone" (in case this is all new to you. a wiki link--notice the bit about liverpool football club. now, if you're willing, take a second and understand a little about a place called hillsborough and it's place in football history (also wiki link). now think about what that song means to a lot of people in liverpool.)

yeah, it was pretty special.

some folks will have difficulty understanding my affection for eurovision.

as i said to someone not long ago--it represents everything that the anti-woke warriors are fighting against. so how could i not love it?

although until today i didn't know it's connection to portugal's carnation revolution. but this guardian article makes it pretty clear.

now here i should explain--i'm working on finishing the first draft of a bit of a story. and much to my surprise the carnation revolution, and those who came after, play a part in it. so you can imagine my delight in hearing about the connection.

but yeah, eurovision. douze points. more if i 'ad 'em.

and that was my weekend.

since you asked.


(the linked article is from the guardian. as i've said before--an excellent regular source of music news and background. i'm also a massive fan of 'first dog on the moon'. see opinion/cartoons. no paywall. excellent reporting in a sea of opinion passing for news. if you like what you see, consider supporting them. i think they deserve it.)

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