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have been busy

Jack and The Spare Hearts

--in between the recordings, and a bit of writing, i've been playing in a band. not just solo. it's been a while. apparently i haven't forgotten how to play well with others. although in this band i'm playing electrical bass, not my trusty guitar. which sometimes i do forget.

original songs. some pretty high energy stuff, with a few changeups here and there. massive fun to play. people are digging listening. even a few gigs rolling in.

and we're working on something special in the fall that i think you might enjoy. i promise i'll let you know how that develops.

we're starting to do some serious recording. in case you're curious, before we put the real stuff out, there are a couple of demos up on the soundcloud.

and if you like, just for fun--this video (on the tube of the youse) gets across a bit of a sense of what's going on.

like i said, massive fun to play. hope we have a chance to see you sometime.

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