Sometimes the road

is not at all

what we expect

but it is still

a road



I have sat on this bench loving and loved

no I will not carve it here

but I will sometimes remember


kbsitepicscene079And so a taste of late summer here at the ranch.  The cool reminds us that it doesn’t last forever.  Good to pull weeds for a bit, to let the hands be busy and the mind set free.  An orange band is along the tops of the trees, the last of the setting sky.  A single small cloud holds the last of the brilliance, shines just a little longer.  There is still beauty is says.  Wait for the night.

It will be gorgeous.



There are times I know

I would have been better off

not to speak

or rather

to speak

without words


kbsitepicscene076“So I begin to understand that some things are for the mind to handle.  Others are for the heart.

And it’s important to know which is which.”


kbsitepicscene075And so a retreat of sorts, remembering what is important to me.

Nowhere near the shape of summer I had hoped for, a lesson in expectations.

I suppose that’s the downside of being able to envision, something so beautiful it’s hard not to hope.

But I will hope.

Still do.


kbsitepicscene074And finally I was reminded

that there is beauty

long after the sun has set.


kbsitepicscene073Slowly I became aware of the sky.

Stepping Away


Stepping away for a moment, I turned and saw this.


kbsitepicscene071I love this small flower for its tiny perfect beauty

and for where it chose to grow