Sense of Time

kbsitepicscene088Ah friend, the change of season is truly on us, and there hasn’t been as much of a chance to get together as we would’ve liked.  Hoping you were able to get out in some of the fall colours before November blew them away.  The golden light on the meadow was more beautiful for being some of the last we could enjoy before spring.  And the deep copper sun of late October evenings made every line of trees something to stop and admire.  Sensible people add a bit to their travel time in this season.  You never know what you’re going to see.  Or how long it’s going to take your breathe away.  Whatcha lookin’ at?  Oh nothing.

Around here I think fall gives us a sense of time having passed.  Yes winter is on its way.  But there is now some distance between where we are and the promise of last spring.  And without getting overly entranced by the view it’s maybe useful to get a sense in us of that distance.  If it’s good it’ll help keep you and me warm in the hard freeze.  And if not at least we know where the work needs doing, and have an actual measure of how much.  Turns out objects in the mirror are much smaller than they appear.

Hope you’ve been well and your challenges have been do-able.  I must admit it’s nice having not quite so many things in the ‘dear me’ pile.  There must be people who glide serenely throughout life unruffled by the random acts of loopy that just happen around the rest of us.  I am apparently not one of those people.  No, I get my serenity from a different place.  I suspect it’s a place where there is so much surprise weirdness going on you just have to sit yourself down and get serene.  Forced to be zen.  Yes I suppose that could be an epitaph.  More likely an aphorism.  Yes which I’m more likely to have.  Fair enough.

It’s been nice to put my hand to a few projects over the last little while.  Just finishing a bit of editing for an interesting location recording I did this summer.  I’d also done some bass tracks for my friend Nabi and when it came time for a cd celebration concert she put together a great band.  Was huge fun to play, great audience, wonderful music.  Just starting into transcribing the interviews for the Eilleen McGann book.  What interesting conversations those were.  Kind of nice to know that my interviewing chops are still reasonably intact.  At least acceptable.  Now I guess I get to see how my transcribing chops are.  Meanwhile the Thursday night sessions continue to be rewarding, if nothing else giving me a chance to play some more of those odd Beatles arrangements that continue to plague me.  Although I think people need to stop encouraging me.  One of these days I’m going to forget and play one in public.  I’ll either get laughed off the stage or get my sorry white bum sued.  This is not a career move.

kbsitepicscene089Writing’s going well.  Although don’t ask.  I’m at a point where I’m doing more staring into space than I am getting down words.  I’ve grown used to the idea that this too is part of writing.  Just like finally figuring out a scene when I’m in the grocery store is also part of writing.  Yes I show up at the page, but it seems that writing comes when it comes.  Where it comes.  And if you refuse to listen you’ve only yourself to blame.  So although I may be sitting and working on that long story I’ve been sharing with you, when I suddenly realise that song in my head isn’t something from the radio and it fits perfectly into that point in the story arc of the new musical that I wasn’t so sure about, I put down the story and pick up the musical.  As it turns out I’ve noticed that when I’m involved in sustained creative work it really is good to put it down and walk away from it for a while.  Problem is it follows me around.  So I take it for a walk.  We’re both happier.

Speaking of walking, it would be good for me to move into the next part of my day.  Thanks for giving me a reason to sit down for a bit, friend.  It’s good for me, and as you know I don’t do enough of it naturally.  Apparently you’re good for me.  Thanks for that.  As always I hope you’re busy enough to feel useful and still enough to know peace.  Write when you get a chance.

Be well.