Hey friend, how’s your day?  It’s continued to be a fairly intense summer here in many ways.  Hoping you’ve had some down time.  I’ve made myself be still now and then, and lo and behold there have been flowers to enjoy.  It’s been nice to sit on the bench a bit too.  Sharing memories while I contemplate the present.  I wonder if you have a place you like to do that.

The bench was moved.  It was nice where it was, but on reflection an even better idea was found.  I’ve said it before, I like people who will allow reflection to influence what they do and how they do it.  Absolutely, there are times when it’s good to go with first thoughts, or even to make it up as you go along, I’m certainly no stranger to the strengths of improvising.  But oh the unfortunate things I’ve seen when someone hasn’t allowed reflection to inform their actions, thoughts, or feelings.

However, sometimes it’s just a bench.

And now it’s under a bit of shade, where if I look up I can see the chickadee hanging upside down to get at the pine cone, and over my right shoulder the moon will rise in the night sky.  But for now the small meadow filled with wildflowers of late summer is in full day in front of me.  There’s a small bit of wind in the trees rustling the leaves, that’s the sound that tells me when spring has turned to summer.  But right now you can tell what kind of bee is working nearby from the sound it makes, silence means they’re getting what they’re looking for.  It’s amazing how quickly a small yellow butterfly can make it along the entire length of the opening and down the laneway, and in a way that makes it look like they have no idea where they’re going.  Sometimes they weave and circle one another, here for a moment, there for a while.  The monarchs are more gentle, although they move sometimes even more quickly.  If you time it just right the late afternoon sun warms your shoulders for a good couple of hours.  Better than a massage.  Yes, this is a good spot.

kbsitepicscene087A little after that I noticed there was a little more birdsong than usual.  I looked to the right, over the laneway, and saw a group of small birds wing into the meadow, skim along the flowertops, and finally rise to light in the big tree at the far end.

Goldfinch.  A dozen or more in a single flight.  Wow.  And as I watched them settle another wave came by and joined them.  And another.  First they filled the tree, so the new ones couldn’t find a perch, hovered for a moment, then dropped to the flowers.  Several dozen in the big tree, then more in the long grass.  I laughed when I saw the sticks in front of me filled with cheery yellow birds.  A handful would fly up into the air, circle the opening, and settle again somewhere else, not far away, but presumably better.  Sometimes more, sometimes fewer, singing all the while.

For an hour and more I watched the goldfinch show.  Eventually larger and larger groups swept along the meadow, then out over the laneway and gone.  Until finally the trees were silent.

Haven’t seen them for a few days.  Although there was a pair passed through today.  Have you ever seen a pair of goldfinch fly?  They each seem to be making their own way, curving and reeling each on a different path.  But somehow they end up someplace useful.  Together.  I think there’s a lesson in that, but I’m not sure what it is.

It is surely beautiful though.