kbsitepicscene086Ah friend, sorry to been out of touch for a bit, but first there was the car accident, nobody hurt, then there was the canoe trip on Superior that turned into more adventure than planned.  Apparently I have a few stories to tell, and since we won’t see one another anytime soon I’ll put them here.  But it’s been a couple of weeks of fairly intense life, so I’m going to take a bit to collect myself before I get there.

Although I did find it odd to walk out the door here and immediately see the Big Dipper in exactly the position it was the three nights the lake pinned us and we couldn’t move.  I was facing the same direction, the waves were pounding behind me, and as I turned around I could see the moon over the island.

Standing there in front of my friends’ door I could hear the roar.

Good to be back.

Part of me is still there.

Be well.