Strange Moments Again

websitemusicfermataSome performances stick in my mind for odd reasons.  I remember once upon a time working with my partner in a small town in the mid-west, noted for the local university having been converted to all things yogic, two great huge meditation domes and all.   Neat.  Part of why the gig was memorable was playing in a huge stone church, close to cathedral size.  There was a pretty reasonable turn out, people as a group feeling excited, I’m thinking this is going to be a good night.  So we begin playing, the first piece ends, it’s surefire and we’ve nailed it, I notice how long the echo is in the hall.

Then I realise the reason I can tell this is because the audience hasn’t made a sound.  Ten seconds…  twenty seconds…   it goes on forever…  thirty seconds…   I’m thinking, ‘We’re dyin’ up here.  We have so tanked, they are going to rise up en masse and start hurling their meditation pillows at us, death by pillowfight, this is not how I want to be remembered.’  Then, finally, they erupt in applause.   You know the kind, when you’ve really hit the mark, and they have no way of showing how much they appreciate it except to clap, hard, and longtime.  And I can breathe again.  They were just taking their time to appreciate the sounds before they responded.  Okay, we are going to have a good time after all.  And we did.

But just for a moment I wondered.