Permission to Be Amused?

kbsitegraphicques01Um… er…

Okay… right then…

‘Scuse me for a second while I give my head a shake.  Ah, that’s better.

For a little while now I’ve been sharing a few ‘strange moments’ with you.  Funny, I somehow had assumed I was talking about history, honestly didn’t think I’d be experiencing one right here and now as I was writing to you.  But hey, life’s just like that sometimes.  Okay, I’ll play.

I was putting something else together for the post here and needed to do a little fact checking.  Consulted my friend mister google and happened to see a listing with my name on it.  Curious, I clicked the link, and lo and behold there is the Christmas album fully available online.  A tiny bit more clickage and I found several completely different places in North America and Europe.  While I’ll admit my memory’s a bit suspect I have to say I honestly don’t remember putting them there.  Also noticed that in some cases I am apparently not the producer nor arranger.  Blink.  Good to see I actually played on it though, I’m pretty sure I was at least there.  Although one never knows what one has re-remembered.  At least I don’t, I have noticed others are not so burdened.

Well… Okay, so remember I was telling you that the recording is long out of print?  Apparently I was mistaken.  Also apparently I may well have violated somebody’s agreement with somebody else by putting those tunes here during the holidays.  While it’s quite possible that someone may come along with a suggestion I cease and desist, because as you know there are sheer dozens of dollars at stake here, I think I’m going to leave things as they are for the time being.  After all, this here is all about sharing with friends, not about making the big bucks.  But if you ever find that those tunes have disappeared from the holiday post without me saying anything, you’ll be able to make an educated guess as to what happened.

Meantime I think I’m gonna go make some cookies.  I’ll call you when they’re ready.

(exits blinking)