kbsitepicscene054I know I’m a little more organised than some of my brothers and sisters, and a little less than others.  But I think everyone I know has developed one of these at some time or another.  It might be the box that all the odd cables go into, or all the ones that need repairs, or maybe even where All the cables go.  Okay that last one makes me a little twitchy, which I consider a failing in me, but I do know more than one person who uses that method so I understand it really is an option.  When I see an example of it in the wild I’m always reminded of someone sitting at my kitchen table telling me about this performance they’d seen.

Apparently the music was quite fine, but what they remembered most was the guitar player.  It seems that the guy sits down on a chair in front of his amp and opens up a medium-sized suitcase, which is heaped with the most amazing tangle of wiring you and I are ever likely to see .  Now of course we both know that an e-lectric guitar needs a cable to go from the guitar where the playing is done to the amp where the noise is made.  So the guy puts his guitar into playing position and pulls out from the suitcase the end of one cable, which he plugs into his guitar.  Just the end, mind you, the rest of the cord is still fully enmeshed inside the suitcase.  He then pulls another cable end from the suitcase, again just the end, and plugs that into the amp.  Now he begins to play.  There is no sound.  So he unplugs that cable end from the amp and pulls another from the magic suitcase.  Again the plugging.  Again the playing.  Again the nothing.  Again the unplugging.  This is repeated several times until his amp starts making guitar-shaped noises.  At which point he figures he’s got the right guitar cord on both ends and gives the thumbs up that he’s ready.  None of this is part of the act, mind.  At least not intentionally.

kbsitepicscene055I’ve never had the nerve to try it myself, I think in the right hands it could be hilarious, but one day I’d love to write it into a scene somehow.  It’s one of those things that you write and someone assumes it’s fiction and tells you it’s a little far-fetched.  I tend to just smile and nod.  However since you may in fact run across an example of this sort of cable collection one day I thought it would be good to include a depiction of the approved method of closing such a case.  Just as a public service.

You’re welcome.