A Musical

I know I told you I’ve written a musical.  I really didn’t mean to, honest.  I’ve certainly performed in more than a few over the years, but I never thought to write one.  But some time ago I started to scratch down a few thoughts, first the title of one of my songs, then some thinking, then another title, then some more thinking.  After watching myself do this for some time I began to understand that what I was doing was looking at the distance between those two songs, and figuring out what little glimpse of a story that seemed to tell.  (I guess maybe you’d call that the narrative distance.  I wonder what kind of unit of measure that would have… nevermind.)  Finally a third song title, a bit more thinking, then I put it away.  But I couldn’t leave it alone.  After several days of carrying on like this, a few minutes here and there in between whatever else I was doing, I realized what I was up to.  I was writing a musical.

After the shock wore off I decided to keep going and a couple of months later the first draft was done.  Two acts, thirteen songs, five voices.  I continued to tweak the script for a while, but it was definitely finished.  Many of the songs are new and written for the show, others are pieces I’ve written and performed in concerts but which seemed to fit perfectly when I needed something to say just that.  It will be interesting to hear someone else’s voice sing these songs.  Oh yes, and I will actually hear someone else sing these songs.  You see the Waterloo Region Arts Fund was kind enough to give me a small grant to go towards running the whole thing through a workshop process and then performing the results over three nights in June (25, 26 & 27) at the Registry Theatre.  So for a couple of months I’ll be working out the script and the songs with a full cast, re-writing, editing and lifting the whole thing up off the page to see what it feels like.  It’s sure to be an intense but rewarding process.  I’ll let you know how it’s progressing when we get there.

Yes, of course, I should tell you the title.  It’s called “Witness“.

Wish me luck.