The Coldest Night

I hadn’t realised it’d been quite so long since I put any music up here.  I’ll have to see what I can do about that.  This is a song that I often have in my head somehow.  I guess the message is fairly clear, people seem to get it.  I have a few different settings of it, and it ended up being the song wrapped around one of the pivot points of the story in Witness.  But there’s also something quite special about this particular version.  The guitar sound is a lovely old tube pre-amp fed through a decent studio speaker, and then shot out into a concert hall where a stereo pair of mics makes sense of the image.  So, yes, whatever reverb you hear is the real thing.  But yeah, it’s about the words.

kbcdlongviewthe song–>The Coldest Night from the CD ‘The Long View’, 2006 (LV001)