The Weird Chord (part 2)

Yesterday we were talking about weird chords, in particular one that’s called ‘diminished’.  I thought maybe in the interest of accuracy I should probably point out that so far we’ve been talking about chords with three notes in them.  However in some forms of musical theory language (I know, there are a few) a ‘diminished chord’ actually has four notes, not three.  In that case it has the three notes we talked about plus another one on top (for what it’s worth, the top note is based on the 7th note of the scale, then lowered down a semi-tone)  For now I just wanted to point out that in some circles what we were talking about is actually a diminished ‘triad’ (triad = 3-notes) rather than a diminished ‘chord’ (chord = anything more than two notes).  Triad is a word you’ll hear a bunch when we’re talking about music.  I figured you might as well know.