Strange Moments

Many years ago, we were performing at a festival, just about to begin our main stage set, we’d finished the cable-up, they gave the mc the thumbs up and they began their introduction while I took a moment to make sure my concentration was in place.  The intro was pretty standard at first, they’d taken notes from some of our promotional material.  I remember thinking that they were doing a pretty good job, which always helps the performance get off to a solid start.  Then they started to do a little biographical sketch of me.  And I lost my focus completely.  You see they’d done some significant research.  Yessiree, a whole whack of innernet must’ve gone into it.  Except they’d got the wrong Ken Brown.  I knew something was strange when they described me as coming from a musical family.  Huh??  My folks would’ve been deeply amused to hear that.  They spoke of both gigs and instruments I’d never played.  I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but it seemed to go on forever, was like watching someone else’s life pass before my eyes.  Just for a heartbeat I wondered whether we were at the right gig, or maybe I’d dropped into some kind of parallel universe.  Then it was over and the set started.  I will admit it took me a little while to get my mind fully back on the task at hand.  I guess we did okay, I remember the audience seemed to enjoy the set we played.  But yeah, of all the weird moments I’ve had on stage, that was definitely one of them.

No permanent damage, though.  Although ever since then whenever I’ve worked as an mc I’ve had this irresistible urge to begin with accurate material and then just take a left turn and work my way into bizarre-land.  Could be huge fun, no?  “Not a lot of people know this but our next performer actually invented the internet.  And then sold it to Al Gore…”  Never had the nerve.  Maybe one day.