The Haggis is a Noble Beast

How are you doing, friend?  I’ve been a little busy, some life, some work.  Did I tell you that I took part in another Burns Supper a couple of weeks ago?  You remember Robbie Burns, Scotland’s best-loved poet, who died as a result.  This year was the 250th anniversary of his birth so there were big celebrations everywhere.  On that particular night I was playing my upright bass in a solid band backing up a great fiddler playing an evening’s worth of Scottish fiddle repertoire.  Call me weird, I love a good strathspey.  Somehow word got out that I do a pretty fair ‘Address to a Haggis’, which is pretty much an essential part of a Burns supper, like tatties and neeps (look it up).  Apparently there was no one else to do the deed so eventually there was me and the haggis-maker marching in behind the piper, then I stood up in front of the assembled and both addressed and trenched.  Apparently all were suitably impressed, certainly I enjoyed doing it after a few years away (and it’s a piece of work that still has something to say today, make no bones about it).

It being the big anniversary year everyone was getting into the act.  I noticed there was a rock and roll place around the corner advertising that their Burns night was going to include “‘The Blessing of the Haggis”, which somehow collided in my mind with St. Francis’ feast day when the Catholic church honours the animals right there on the front steps.  In my imagination the thought turned the whole affair into some else altogether–less whisky, more incense.  Nevermind.  The same place was also advertising “Vegetarian Haggis”.  The mind reels.  What do they put in it?  Or maybe more to the point–what do they put it *in*??

It’s getting late and I still have a few chores to do, so I’ll leave you with that thought.  I hope this finds you well.