Out After All

I did manage to get out after all.  Instructed to have a good time.  Oh, okay.  Nice people, wonderful space, some lovely music.  Some of the time was spent having those of us sitting around contribute something.  There were songs and pieces of all shapes and sizes.  No, it wasn’t all musically perfect, but migosh top marks for creativity.  There were some chords I sure wouldn’t have thought to put together.  Worked fine, though.  I’m so at home at this kind of session, didn’t play myself, was nice to just listen.  I’ve noticed that’s unusual in some circles, those folks would always rather play than listen.  I get tired of my own cooking.  So I’m always up to hearing someone else.  And after all, this is ground zero.  This is where ‘how do I make sounds that express what I mean?’ first comes up against ‘how does this thing work anyway?’.  And when it gets exactly as far as ‘hey look what happens when I do this’, that’s when I think things get really interesting.  And right there it almost always has some aspect of original creativity in it, before well meaning friends or teachers or musical professionals have steered them into sounding more like this other thing over here that has already been successful like the professional knows, or sounds more trained like the teacher fancies, or just more like a friend’s favourite kind of music.  Before ‘I need to sound like…’ has set in.  When it’s still ‘I need to make sounds.’  This is where that happens.  And I think that is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And that maybe some small part of heaven sounds like that sometime.  My favourite kind of session combines that with things that other folks have worked into a different kind of beauty.  Not beautiful because it impersonates something cool, but because it has something to say, and look it works.  No ego, no ‘look at me’.  More like, ‘listen to this’.  And if someone has something to tell me, and it sounds like that, I want to hear it.

And yes there was some of that too.

I guess it was a good night.