Because I Promised–Cambridge Concert

Remember I promised a while ago that I’d tell you when I’m playing in the area?  Funny, I always assume that friends are busy, but you made it clear that you want me to let you know.  Just so I don’t make that same mistake again, there’s a concert coming up that you might enjoy.

You know that traditional music festival that happens in Cambridge every summer?  Well the folks that do the festival have a concert series that happens in a really lovely room downtown.  And they’ve asked me to play for them.  Given the nature of the festival I thought I’d put together some of my personal takes on traditional songs and tunes.  Made me realize I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.  I’ve certainly never put all of them down in one place.  I’ll have to do that sometime.  In the meantime, the details look like this;millracelogo

The Mill Race Folk Society

Ken Brown

Friday February 27     8pm

The Galt Room, 2nd Floor, Café 13
13 Main Street, Cambridge (Galt)
Admission $10

If you’re coming from out of town the map looks like this (at the corner of Water and Main Streets).  I can vouch for the food downstairs, it’s worth coming early enough to have dinner.  As for the summer festival, modelled after many of the in-town festivals in Britain, it’s a wonderful reason to wander through downtown Galt.  The Mill Race organizers also hold their Annual Spring Preview which is a great concert and their major fundraiser, well worth checking out.