In Production

Well, we have a cast and it’s official–it’s a musical, and we’re in production. And the script has had its first official re-write, so I guess it’s officially a workshop, too.  I’ll put up an official notice here soon.  But for now most of my time is being spent working on the charts and script so everyone’s got accurate parts, and has a fighting chance of learning everything in time.  We do it for three nights at the Registry Theatre at the end of June (25, 26 and 27).  I’m delighted with the cast, I know they’ll have no problem lifting it up off the page for the first time, and I’m looking forward to having you hear what we put together.  I will admit to feeling a little overwhelmed with what has to be done between now and then.  But I know it’ll be more likely to get done if I keep working at it.  So I do.  In the meantime I’m so grateful for the real support I’ve received from folks in this town over the last little while.  Sure beats doing it in a vacuum.  I’ve had to do that, this is way better.  So, hoping I can offer something solid in return, I try to get done what needs doing.  And I weave my gratitude into the work.  Nothing fancy, but thanks.