At the Beginning

It’s been a while since I sat down to write, so I want to start by thanking you for your patience, as well as your gentle insistence that I should put down some of these things that occur to me.  Wondering how you’re doing today.  I must admit I’ve been busy enough, a couple of new projects on the horizon, a session or two to keep things fresh, some performances, and a significant amount of energy getting the musical up and running.  Did I tell you I wrote a musical?  I hadn’t intended to, I’d been scratching away at something for a while before I realized what I was up to.  So now it’s done, it’s a script, there are parts.  So now what?  I know, I keep asking myself that same question.  Now I get to find a handful of singers who would be interested in working out the material to see how it lifts up off the page.  Should be huge fun, and we’ll have a few chances for people to hear the results.  I guess that’s exciting news.  In the past you’ve gently pointed out that you sometimes don’t hear about things I’m working on until they’re gone.  I promise to keep you posted.  For now it’s mostly about getting things ready, but I’ve got a couple of things coming up that I think you might like to hear about.  It’d be nice to see you there.  If you don’t make it, no worries, I’ll make sure I write and give you a sketch of how things went.  You’ve always told me that you enjoy reading about what I’m up to, what I see as I’m doing what I do.  So I guess this is me promising to let you know how things go.  I’ll write again when I get a moment, in the meantime I hope this finds you well.